[stanford_status] Dec 30, Sat - Difficult night - Transfusion went okay

John R Larsen john at larsen-family.us
Sat Dec 30 14:11:16 EST 2006

Hello Everyone,

Stanford spent another day in the hospital yesterday at Southern New 
Hampshire Medical Center (SNHMC) receiving two units of blood.  It 
worked out that the only bed available in the pediatric ward was the 
same room where Stanford recovered from abdominal surgery back in 
June.  Amy, one of the same nurses from June, was attending him 
yesterday.  It was a weird feeling being back in that same room 
after so many months on this journey with cancer.  The transfusion 
went fine.  I took a couple of pictures that are on the 
http://StanfordLarsen.org website.

Transfusions take a long time.  As with all medical stuff it is 
"hurry up and wait".  We got there at 9:30 AM and the transfusion 
didn't start until noon.  It takes about two hours for each unit of 
blood so we didn't leave the hospital until about 5:00 PM.  

Stanford said he felt better than he had in a long time after the 
transfusion was done, but it was still a rough night.  Stanford was 
up about every two hours all night long.  He has needed a total of 
six 2 ml doses of oxycodone for break through pain since the chemo 
on Thursday.  The oxy drugs and the gemcitabine both cause 
constipation and this is an issue right now that we're trying to 
resolve, not a comfortable time.

I forgot to mention that after the chemo was done on Thursday that 
Stanford received an injection of a drug that boosts red blood cell 
production.  I forgot to write down the name of the drug, but he 
will be receiving this after each gemcitabine treatment from now on.  
This in addition to yesterday's transfusions should help his counts.

Hopefully Stanford will start to bounce back from the chemo now.  
The last two times it took about two days.  However, each new round 
beats him down more.  He was awake enough yesterday evening to watch 
"Over the Hedge" with the family.  We all go into his room and watch 
there with him.

We continue to hope and pray and thank all of you who join with us.  
Thanks for your encouragement and support.


John R Larsen <john at larsen-family.us>

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