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Dear Family and Friends,

This email list has been created to make it easier to provide updates to
everyone on Stanford's status.  For some of you this might be the first
you have heard.  Stanford came home from the hospital last Sunday, June
18th.  He was in the hospital for a week recovering from emergency
abdominal surgery to remove a walnut sized tumor and nine inches of his
small intestine.  He has lost a lot of weight, but he is doing much

We met with Oncologist Dr. James O'Shea on Friday, June 23rd.  The
pathology on the tumor is a lymphoblastic lymphoma, a very agressive
form of cancer, but one that responds very well to chemotherapy and has
a high probability of cure.

We are moving very quickly on this.  By this Tuesday all the "staging"
tests will be completed.  The staging involves a CT Scan, PET, spinal
tap, bone marrow biopsy, and blood work.  This will give an accurate
picture of where the cancer is.  After all the data is collected and
analyzed it will be sent up to Dartmouth Medical Center in Lebanon, NH,
for a second opinion.  Joyce, Stanford and I will go up to Dartmouth the
week of July 4th to consult with doctors there.  A course of treatment
will be decided on.

Dr. O'Shea said the chemotherapy will last about six months.  Tests will
be done periodically during the treatment to compare progress against
the baseline.

Stanford has a very good attitude and is anxious to get started.  We are
very hopeful and expect a full recovery.  Stanford is in the peak of
health at this time.  Other than the surgery he is recovering from
conditions couldn't be better.

We ask for your thoughts and prayers at this time.  We will use this
list to keep you apprised of his progress.  I will also be setting up a
website with pictures and information as time goes on.


John Larsen

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