[stanford_status] Chemotherapy in progress right now

jlarsen at larsen-family.us jlarsen at larsen-family.us
Wed Nov 8 13:16:28 EST 2006

Hello Everyone,

Stanford is receiving chemo therapy right now.  This time we are in Nashua
at the office of Dr. James O'Shea.  All the arrangments worked out so that
we could come here, which saves 4 hours of driving.

Stanford is receiving the same treatment as last time: 2 hours of Erbitux,
1 hour of
Avastin, 2 hours of irinotecan and leucovorin, and 46 hours of 5FU on a
home pump as
before.  This will be followed up with an injection of Neulasta Saturday
afternoon to stimulate white blood cell production.  His white blood cell
count was low this time, hence the Neulasta.  He had that a couple of
times back in August.  It leaves him very tired and a side effect is bone

Next Wednesday, Nov 15th, he will come back to Dr. O'Shea's office for
blood work and a round of Erbitux.  The week after that (the day before
Thanksgiving) he will go back up to Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in
Lebanon, NH for a CT scan and a repeat of today's treatment.  We look
forward to positive results.

Stanford started a part time job yesterday.  He is a "Documentation Clerk"
at Technical Communications Corporation (TCC) where I work.  They are
converting all their paper records over to electronic copies.  Stanford is
running the high speed scanner.  TCC is willing to work around Stanford's
chemo treatments and he will work on his "good" days.  He is really
excited to have the job and we are greatful to TCC for giving him the

As always, we thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers.


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