[stanford_status] At DHMC

John R Larsen john at larsen-family.us
Tue Nov 21 19:15:49 EST 2006

Hello Everyone,

I will take a few minutes to quickly bring everyone up to date.  Stanford
is now in room 546, which is a large two bed room that can handle all the
visitors that are coming.

We have made some really tough decisions today.  After much prayer
Stanford has directed that he doesn't want to be kept alive on machines. 
If his heart fails or lungs fail he doesn't want to be resesutated (?)  He
has signed a consent form to receive blood transfusions to help him. 
Transfusions can cause heart failure and can also cause the lungs to fail.
 If the rate of bleeding increases then the transfusions won't be able to
keep up and death will come.  Bleeding eventually causes lots of pain so
he will be on pain medication.

There is internal bleeding but they can't pinpoint the source so they
can't take any measures to stop it.  The CT scans show that it isn't from
the tumors in the liver, but the resolution isn't good enough to find the
source.  He is bleeding slowly.  There is no time table.  They simply
don't know how long it will take.

At this very moment Stanford is feeling the best he has for the last 24
hours.  All seven of us are here.  I got Phillip and Julia out of school
and Bradford came home from UNH.  Heather took off work.  We all came up
and brought a lot of stuff.  The item that Stanford is enjoying right now
is his new Wii that he got Sunday thanks to the kindness of Cindy Kelly
who stood in line all night to get one for him.  All the visiting kids are
watching Stanford play.

I'm rambling on.  Please forgive me.  It is overwhelming and I must stop now.



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