[stanford_status] Status update and a request

John R Larsen john at larsen-family.us
Sun Nov 26 21:37:42 EST 2006

Hello Everyone,

First the request.  Stanford is very weak and needs lots of rest.  
Please call ahead if you want to visit so that we can pace the 
number of visits and how many at once.  Stanford loves to see his 
friends, but it is getting to be too much.  Please call us at 603-
886-0473 to set up a time.

As mentioned, Stanford is getting weaker.  There is still slow 
internal bleeding.  His feet are staying cold to the touch now.  His 
pulse rate is very high as the heart works harder to keep the blood 
pressure up.  It is very hard to watch all this happen, but we know 
that Heavenly Father loves Stanford and will take care of him.

Stanford was very desirous to attend Church meetings today.  He 
loves going to Church.  Meetings normally last 3 hours starting with 
Sacrament meeting, followed by Sunday School, and then finally 
Priesthood Meeting.  Stanford was so tired by the end of Sacrament 
Meeting that he wanted to come back home to rest.  He did get to see 
some people that he wouldn't have been able to otherwise.

Stanford really enjoyed the apple crisp this morning.  It cheers my 
heart to see him happy.  He was able to visit with his Uncle 
Stanford and Aunt Robin before they left back for Utah this 
afternoon.  He also got to spend some time with his older brother 
Bradford before he returned to UNH.  We took a few pictures of all 
the family together:


There are some pictures of the kids that attended the "I Love 
Isaiah" party that was held Saturday evening:


And lastly here are a few pictures from our Thanksgiving dinner at 
the Wilsons'.  Also here is the visit from the Nashua High School 
South band director Tony Courounis who came by after the "Turkey 
Bowl" game between North and South to drop off a huge card that all 
the kids in band had signed.  This really cheered Stanford up:


One of Stanford's friends Steve Kelly (whose mother bought the 
Nintendo Wii for him) made a Stanford Tribute video some weeks ago.  
I encourage you to take a look and see why everyone loves Stan:


Take care,


John R Larsen <john at larsen-family.us>

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