[stanford_status] Stanford staying another day in hospital

John R Larsen john at larsen-family.us
Fri Sep 29 12:39:50 EDT 2006

Hello Everyone,

We found out a little while ago that Stanford will have to stay up here another day up here at Dartmouth-
Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon, NH.  We won't be going home until late Saturday evening.

Stanford had a pretty good night.  The pain levels have been low except when he hiccups or sneezes, 
which are very painful.  He has been eating small amounts and keeping it down.  Mostly he is just very 
tired.  I stayed with him in his room last night and Joyce went to "David's House" nearby.  We had both 
planned on staying in David's House, but Stanford really wanted us to stay.  He said Joyce could share 
his bed, but we knew that wouldn't work!  I slept on the pull out chair.  It is about as comfortable as 
sleeping on the ground in a sleeping bag.  I changed positions every 90 minutes or so.  We'll probably do 
the same tonight.

My mind is drawing a blank as to what else to say.  So, I'll just thank all of you for your continued 
thoughts and prayers.  It is a helpful support for us to know that so many people care.  We'll continue 
one day at a time and make it through.



John R Larsen <john at larsen-family.us>

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