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John R Larsen john at larsen-family.us
Tue Feb 20 06:19:06 EST 2007

Hello Everyone,


Four weeks ago today Stanford left this world.  In his memory we 
have established the "Stanford Mark Larsen Memorial Scholarship".  
Information can be found by clicking on the "Contribute to Memorial 
Scholarship" link below Stanford's picture at the 
http://StanfordLarsen.org website.  The scholarship will be awarded 
annually to a student at Nashua High School South.

Stanford always saved 10% of everything he earned or received 
towards college.  In fact, just six days before he passed away he 
was given a check from the "Note of Hope" fund raiser organized by 
students at Nashua High School South.  He told me that he wanted to 
put 10% of that into his college savings.  We are contributing all 
the money that Stanford saved over the years to the scholarship 
fund.  We are also contributing all of the "Note of Hope" money.  
Joyce and I have saved a small amount each paycheck for each of our 
children towards college.  We will be contributing what we saved for 
Stanford to the fund.

This scholarship fund joins several others managed by the City of 
Nashua.  Our desire is that this fund become a perpetual fund to 
keep Stanford's memory alive.  A minimum of $10,000 needs to be 
contributed to make this a perpetual fund.  We hope that Stanford's 
friends and loved ones will want to join with us in growing this 
memorial scholarship into something that can help deserving students 
for years to come.


A blood drive in Stanford's memory is being organized for Sat, April 
28, 2007.  It will be in the same church building where Stanford's 
funeral was held:

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
110 Concord Street
Nashua, NH 03064

More information will be sent as the day draws closer.  Volunteers 
will be needed to staff the drive.  The goal is to collect 100 units 
of blood that day.  Please put it on your calendar!


I have added new material to the http://StanfordLarsen.org website a 
little at a time as the days go by.  Click on the link "Website 
Change History" below Stanford's picture to see what has been added 
and when.  I plan to upload video clips I have of Stanford to 
Google.  I also plan to scan and post his sketch books and other 
drawings he made.

I know people have pictures and possibly videos of Stanford.  If you 
are willing to share them with me I'll be glad to make them 
available for all to see on the website.


Life is returning to "normal", but that "normal" is different than 
it used to be.  It is hard to describe with words the range of 
feelings and emotions we go through each day.  We miss Stanford 
tremendously, but are grateful for all the happy memories we have of 


John R Larsen <john at larsen-family.us>

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