[stanford_status] Jan 22, Mon - Back from CT scan and waiting for results

John R Larsen john at larsen-family.us
Mon Jan 22 13:57:21 EST 2007

Hello Everyone,

We're back from the CT scan.  We haven't heard back from Dr. O'Shea 
yet.  We expect that this afternoon.  However, Joyce and I were in 
the control room while the scans were being taken.  It doesn't look 
good to our untrained eyes.  The tumors look huge, filling up his 
whole liver.  These latest scans need to be compared to the ones 
from Nov 21st.  I've requested a copy of the scans and will post 
that to the website when I get them.

Stanford is increasingly weaker and weaker.  Last night was hard.  
In preparation for the CT scan Stanford had to drink contrast.  This 
helps provide better scans.  Between 7 PM and 9 PM he was supposed 
to drink 30 ounces of juice with the contrast mixed in.  He doesn't 
have much room to hold that much so he only got half done.  Then he 
wasn't supposed to eat or drink anything until after the scan.  All 
the extra fluid made him wake up often during the night needing to 
use the bathroom, which involved walking to and from the bathroom 
and getting in and out of bed.  We made a lot more trips than usual 
and it really sapped his energy.  We picked up a couple of plastic 
urinals while at the hospital so that he can stay in bed more.  The 
poor kid is so weak.  

In the past trips out of the house have required Stanford to climb 
the porch stairs to get back in the house upon return.  The ramps 
were too steep for me to push him up.  Some good friends visited 
last evening and he said he had longer ramps.  He installed them for 
us later that evening.  That made it possible to wheel Stanford back 
into the house today.  I'm sure he wouldn't have had the energy to 
climb the stairs.

He's declining very rapidly and it is very painful to watch.  As 
always, it is in the Lord's hands.  If He needs Stanford more on the 
other side than we do here, then Stanford will go and be free from 
all the pain and suffering he has endured for so long.  I admire 
Stanford's courage and strength.  Please keep us in your thoughts 
and prayers.

I'll email again when we know more.


John R Larsen <john at larsen-family.us>

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