The Larsen Image Archive

Welcome to the Larsen Image Archive. This PRELIMINARY copy of an ongoing project to capture pictures of historical significance to the children of John and Joyce Larsen was made in March 2003.

There are two ways to peruse its contents. One way is to click on the "Pedigree Chart" link below to follow links based on family groupsheets.

Pedigree Chart and Family Group Sheets

Aother way is to click on the links below to see thumbnail pages in the range selected. Click on a thumbnail and you see a larger image and information about the image. Click on the larger image and you see the full sized image.

Images 000001 to 000076
Images 000077 to 000157
Images 000158 to 000245
Images 000246 to 000328
Images 000329 to 000413
Images 000414 to 000486
Images 000487 to 000564
Images 000565 to 000670
Images 000671 to 000760
Images 000761 to 000824
Images 000825 to 000866

The goal is to have historical information on the page along with the image. Currently this is done only for images 000001 through 000138. An Index of all the images in the archive is also kept in a single document. This gives the same information that will be on the individual image pages. The index is available in two formats below:

Image Index (This is a Microsoft Word document)
Image Index (This is an Adobe Acrobat pdf document)

This project was started in August 2002 using a Canon CanoScan D1250U2F scanner. The resolution was selected so that the resulting TIF file for each image was about 10 MB. The images are in the range of 3200 x 2200 pixels. The TIF files were saved into folders so that the contents of the folder fits on a 700 MB CDR. That's why the numerical range isn't an even multiple. The TIF files are available from John Larsen (see contact information below). To make the archive more user friendly, JPEG images using 15% compression were saved into a separate folder. This CD was made from the jpeg files.

The image number has been written on the original. For photographs it has been written on the back usually the lower right hand corner. For slides it is usually on the right hand border.

For further information or to provide corrections contact:
John Larsen
7 Cherokee Ave
Nashua, NH 03062
(603) 886-0473
email: john@larsen-family.us
inches vs. dpi for ~10 MB tif file
1.35 - 2400 (35mm slide)
2 - 1600
3 - 1066
4 - 800
5 - 640
6 - 533
7 - 457
8 - 400
9 - 356
10 - 320
11 - 290