Pictures from 1978



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Roll 1 - Scans from 35 mm color negatives taken with Olympus SLR.
This covers the period from about May through September 1978
  • Candle race at the Miller Street home maybe for Lori's birthday (00-02)
  • Doug and Gwen Larsen with baby Jeffery Ammon at the Miller Street home (03-04)
  • Amateur Radio Field Day, 4th weekend in June. This is the Utah Amateur Radio Club's contest setup. I don't remember anyone's name except for Gordon Smith in picture 10. (05-11)
  • Jeffery Ammon Larsen on July 9, 1978 (12-13)
  • The moon looked awesome behind the clouds, but a picture just can't capture what it looked like in real life (14-17)
  • The famous "pump picture" from the garden at the Miller Street home (18)
  • Pictures of the corn rows in the Miller Street garden (19-20)
  • Buttons, the Larsens' dog. She was a good dog, but we weren't very good dog owners. She was neglected, but not unloved. (21-22)
  • Some of Roberta Larsen's flowers (23-24)
  • Don Nebeker and his daugther, Jerily, at Redmon Campground during the annual August campout (25)
  • Cousins Mark Larsen and Dawna Ferguson at the annual August campout (26-27)
  • John Larsen waxing up the Toyota. The paint was so faded that it didn't stay shinny very long. This car had big troubles and we didn't have it long (28)
  • Doug Larsen had a neat cross bow. Brothers Doug, John and Mark went shooting the cross bow during a camping trip, possibly over UEA weekend in October (29-36)