Pictures from 1995



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Roll 1 - Scans from 35 mm color negatives taken with Olympus SLR.
This covers the period from July to December 1995
  • Bradford with Ryan Cole making sand castles July 4th at North Hampton beach (00)
  • Larsen kids and Cole kids making sand castles (01-03)
  • Stanford and Phillip on the ferry to Martha's Vineyard (04)
  • Riding the Flying Horses on Martha's Vineyard (05-11)
  • Ginger Bread cottages at the Martha's Vineyard Camp Meeting Association (12-15)
  • Return ferry ride from Martha's Vineyard to Woods Hole (16-19)
  • Bradford, Stanford, and Phillip at Plymouth Rock (20)
  • Staying at the Farar's cabin on Big Sandy Pond in Plymouth, MA (21 & 23)
  • Joyce with Phillip and Bradford taking the Farar's canoe out for a paddle on Big Sandy Pond (22)
  • Christmas Day at 7 Cherokee Ave (24-25)