[stanford_status] 23 Jan 2011: 4 years

John Larsen john at larsen-family.us
Sun Jan 23 14:55:54 EST 2011

Hello Everyone,

Today, Jan 23, 2011, marks 4 years since Stanford passed away. I think about
him everyday and miss him. Can you believe it has been 4 years? Think of all
that has happened in your life during the past 4 years. That's a lot of

Winter this year is very much different than 4 years ago. There was little
snow on the ground that year until after Stanford was buried. I stopped by
the cemetery earlier today expecting to shovel a path through the almost 20
inches of snow to Stanford's grave. However, some kind soul got there before
me. Attached is a picture showing all the snow. You can see the solar lamp
poking up through the snow.

I hope all of you are doing well and enjoying life with your loved ones.


John R Larsen <john at larsen-family.us>
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