[stanford_status] Dec 7th, Thu - Rough night

John R Larsen john at larsen-family.us
Thu Dec 7 12:37:24 EST 2006

Hello Everyone,

Stanford had a really rough night.  He awoke at 1:30 AM with extreem 
pain in his right side, about 8 on the pain scale of 10.  The pain 
was so intense that he was having trouble breathing.  We gave him 10 
mg of oxycodone, but that didn't cut the pain.  I called the 24/7 
hospice number and the nurse told us to give him 0.5 ml of the 
liquid oxycodone under his tongue, which we did at 2:30 AM.  0.5 ml 
is equivalent to 10 mg in pill form (The stuff we learn and never 
wanted to).  We were directed to give another 0.5 ml fifteen minutes 
later if he was still in pain.  We didn't need to do that because 
the pain finally started to ease up, but it wasn't until about 4:00 
AM that he finally was able to sleep.  The whole house (except 
Julia) was up during this episode because of how loud it got.

Stanford still wants to start chemo tomorrow.  He knows that chemo 
is his only chance and he wants that chance.  The hospice nurse drew 
blood for lab work today about noon.  The results will be given to 
Dr. O'Shea this afternoon.  He will call and talk with us once he 
has the results.  Gemcitabine is usually given once a week for three 
weeks with a week off after that for the body to rest.

Stanford's pain medication is being raised to 80 mg twice a day of 
oxycontin, up from 60 mg twice a day.  Break through pain management 
will be in liquid form at 1.0 ml, which is equivalent to 20 mg in 
pill form.

Stanford's feet are starting to swell up some and he has discomfort 
in his upper thigh area.  The thinking is that pressure in his lower 
abdomen is impacting circulation.  We haven't noticed any swelling 
before today.  He is still up and walking and not using the wheel 

More later.  Please keep Stanford in your prayers.


John R Larsen <john at larsen-family.us>

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