[stanford_status] Jan 4, Thu - Chemo done - Very tired

John R Larsen john at larsen-family.us
Thu Jan 4 22:21:30 EST 2007

Hello Everyone,

Stanford was able to have round 4 of gemcitabine today.  His blood 
work showed all his counts were good enough.  His hematocrit and 
hemoglobin numbers are both a lot higher compared to last week.  
This is evidence that the transfusions were beneficial.  Other 
numbers are about the same or improved except his ammonia, which has 
risen to 69 compared to last week at 51 and a normal high of 32.  
This is making him very very sleepy.  He says it feels like someone 
has stolen all his energy.  We're trying to get him to drink more so 
that he won't be dehydrated.  He hasn't been drinking enough the 
last couple of days.  This should help lower the ammonia number 

His appetite has been okay and lots of things still sound good to 
him to eat, but he has to eat lots of small meals.  He weighed in at 
160 pounds today, which is 5 pounds more than last week.  This is 
mostly due to fluid retention.  

Except for today the past three days have been pretty good as far as 
periods of alertness goes.  He has had longer periods of being awake 
and doing things.  He is quite weak so he spends most of his time in 
bed.  Fortunately he is set up with lots of things he likes to do.  
We're more than half way through the book "Eragon" and keep working 
on that.  He was able to play Magic the Gathering yesterday 
afternoon and we watched "Back to the Future part 3" yesterday 

I put some pictures on the http://StanfordLarsen.org website showing 
how Stanford's port is connected to the IV tubing.  He said it was 
okay to take and post these pictures.  I also put a picture of Dr. 
James O'Shea there so you can see what his oncologist looks like.  
Stanford's latest blood work is also on the website.

Stanford will probably have a couple of rough days now based on the 
experience of the last three treatments.  His next appointment is 
Thursday, Jan 11th.  We keep hoping and praying that the gemcitabine 
will be effective and that we will start to see signs of 
improvement.  He is still here!  For a kid that was supposed to have 
died last Nov 21st this already is a miracle.  Let's pray that the  
miracles coming.

Thanks to all of you for your continued support, encouragement and 


John R Larsen <john at larsen-family.us>

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